Arrowhead Wine Enthusiasts

Club By-Laws

Last Revised on December 15, 2017

Purpose: The purpose of the Arrowhead Wine Enthusiast is to introduce members to wines from throughout the world that they may not have normally tried, and to meet people from all the mountain communities. The club is organized as a social club for those that enjoy wine and the food that goes along with it.

1. The club shall be called the “Arrowhead Wine Enthusiasts”.

2. “Tastings” will be held on the second Thursday or Friday of each month, unless it would conflict with another event or holiday, in which case the President reserves the right to reschedule the meeting.

3. Annual Membership fees will be $40/person. The annual membership fee does not include cost of individual tastings. Membership fee will be prorated $10/quarter (Jan-Mar $40, Apr-June $30, July-Sept $20, Oct-Dec $10). Annual membership is required of all members, whether or not they participate in the tastings.

4. Cost of individual tastings will be $15/person for regular meetings, and up to $20/person for premium nights. Non-drinkers (or designated drivers) do not have to pay the tasting fee. Members and their guests will also be asked to bring an appetizer, entrée or dessert to match with the meeting theme. One dish per couple is standard.

5. Club officers will include at least (required): 1) President and Treasurer; and (optional): 2) Secretary and Outings Chair.
      a. President – Shall be responsible for purchasing wine for meetings, and conducting the  everyday business of the club. President will also be responsible for conducting the annual planning meeting (December). If no secretary or outings chair, President will take on responsiiblity.
      b. Treasurer – Shall be responsible for collecting annual dues and meeting fees. Treasurer will also hand out name tags to members at meetings as an indication of payment. Treasurer will keep the checkbook account balanced and will reimburse for wine expenses, and release checks upon club member approval for donations approved at annual planning meeting.
      c. Secretary – Shall communicate meeting plans to all members. Keep members updated with e-mail addresses and phone numbers, maintain the club website and roster, as well as take minutes at annual planning meeting.
      d. Outings Chair – Shall organize any club meetings outside the normal host family meetings.

6. Exemptions from tasting fees: 1) The individual who buys the wine for the tastings will not pay for the evenings tasting (two free tastings – individual & spouse, guest, or significant other) as compensation for time given to the club. 2) The host in whose house we are meeting for the month will not pay for the evenings tasting (two free tastings – individual and spouse, guest, or significant other) as compensation for volunteering their house for the club. 3) The president, secretary and treasurer of the club will not pay tasting fees, as compensation for time and talents given to the club.

7. Expenses associated with club activities, such as: gas and mileage (to purchase wine); website domain and hosting; etc., will be compensated by check from the club treasurer upon approved request.

8. Members will be allowed to invite guests to attend club meetings. Guests will pay the tasting fee on their first visit. On the second meeting attended, guests will be required to join at the $40/person membership rate (pro-rated for the time period the individual joins).

9. Members should make an effort to RSVP to the meeting host, in a timely manner, indicating the number of people that will be attending.

10. The club shall hold an annual planning meeting on the second Thursday or Friday of December.

11. The club shall maintain a minimum checking account balance of $1500.00 (rounded to the nearest $50). At the annual planning meeting, if the account balance exceeds $1,500, an agreed-upon amount will be donated to one or more local charities – to be determined by vote of the paid membership.

12. Every member of the club agrees (by payment of membership fees) that they are responsible for their own actions and the actions of their guests while at club functions. Members will not hold hosts or officers liable for any actions that may occur during or after tasting events. The club as an entity assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the conduct of its members and guests. Ni one under 21 shall be served alcohol at any event. Members are urged to drink responsibly at all times.

13. There will be no limit in the number of memberships available.

14. Any changes to these by-laws must be voted on by a majority of the paid members in attendance at the annual planning meeting in December.