Arrowhead Wine Enthusiasts

2022 Calendar of Events

Friday, July 22: Gathering at Grass Valley Park to start club back up (BYOB)

September 17: Italian Night in Skyforest 5:30 (Location to be announced)

November ?: Auction night?

December: 2023 planning meeting?

General Information

  • Meetings will typically be held on the second Thursday or Friday of the month, at host's discretion.
  • Meetings begin at 6:30pm, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Tasting fee of $25 is to be paid at the door, $30 for premium and restaurant nights.  Tasting fee is waived for guests who choose not to drink wine.
  • Please bring an appetizer, entree, or dessert, in keeping with the theme, to serve 10-20 people.  Exception: for meetings held at local restaurants, the club will provide complimentary hors d'ouerves.
  • For BYOB meetings, please bring a bottle of wine (one per person or couple), as well as your appetizer, entree or dessert. The tasting fee is waived for BYOB meetings.